New concept for a Ranking system.

Now ranking has always been a sensitive subject in Halo. But lets face it. 1-50 isn’t exactly what we need because it promotes boosting into the highest rank. That creates unenjoyable gameplay for a vast majority of players. But I may have a solution that will minimize boosting, and create a fair environment for both casual players, and competitive ones.

This formula will give players the ability to play with similar skilled players off the bat, not forcing players to play with just about anybody who hasn’t earned their real rank yet. Rather upon starting up the game for the first time a menu pops up “Select a skill setting” with:
“Beginner: Not familiar with shooters” - Iron division
“Novice: Played shooters other than Halo” - Bronze division
“Average: Play Halo casually” - Silver division
“Intermediate: You consider yourself a decent player” - Gold division
“Expert: Previously played level 50 high and Onyx Arena” - Onyx division

Which would place you with a group of players for Matchmaking, and would only change if your games proved you were either too good/bad for your division (will explain more later)

Within the divisions you would also have a %, similar to ranks in Halo 2/3. But displayed as percentages like in Arena. In terms of moving up or down in division, you will automatically get knocked down if you are in the bottom % of your division and you lose consistently. And will automatically go up if you are top % of your division and you win consistently. You start a division at exactly 50%, and upon entering a new division your W/L as it pertains to ranking up or down is reset (to avoid rank-lock like we saw in Halo 3). However after 100 games in a division you were in before but got pushed out of, then back in, your previous W/L in that division will begin to account towards your percentage again. Giving you a chance to improve, but not rewarding boosting as your previous record will come back to bite you.

New accounts are also unlikely to cause grief. As being 50% Onyx will likely place you with other players who know what they are doing, and who you won’t easily grief. And placing yourself in 50% Iron won’t give you satisfaction for long, as after 100% wins for so many games in a row, you will be back in Onyx before long, and only really cause grief for a very small amount of players.

As well, boosting players to high percent Onyx won’t accomplish anything, as any player can CHOOSE to start at 50% Onyx when they start an account. But their constant losing if they aren’t good enough will push them down to where they belong rather quickly.

As for the ranks themselves. They aught-to run like Reach’s ranks, based solely off experience. This will allow even socials to reach the highest rank and feel “complete” while your skill mark will be your division percentage. What separates this from Arena is that it DOESNT RESET, it is a permanent rank that is affected by all your ranked games (no matter what playlist they are in). And divisions are very static, when you play Onyx, you ONLY play Onyx.

Anyway, I think I’ve explained the ranking system deeply enough, so I will close with some math and actual match-based information. The exact W/L to earn ranks should balance out based on every other player who is playing, as opposed to some breakable mathematical equation. And since it is run in percentages, no matter how many players are playing in a division, the numbers will find their place based on an average of everybody there. Top 1% onyx will literally be the top 1% of all players currently ranked in the Onyx division. And at worst, they may play against top 25% Onyx players, but it won’t match them with players much lower than that.

Same applies to the matching range in any division, of any percentage.

You know, I like this…But…it makes every thing seem so freaking competitive.

I’m not trying to take what we were discussing from that other thread here, but you posted the same general idea there as ya did here, and…why not apply this to a ranked section of Matchmaking now, instead of one playlist like The Arena?

Because, come on…Onyx division Action Sack players? The Hell? I’M THE BEST AT HOCKEY MOTHER -Yoinks!-! Onyx Division Lone Wolf players? Pish posh. Kill stealing out the wazoo in there.

What would happen if an Onyx God like player wanted to show his little brother the ropes around the game, and his little brother is the lowest division by choice? The balance would be totally threw off.

What about guests?

He would have him start on low levels like Novice maybe…? idk…

The beauty of it is that it could remain casual too. If you aren’t a competitive player, than you should accept that you want to start in Iron division, and not higher up.

And I did mention it would only be affected by Ranked playlists, like in Halo 2 and 3. There would still be social playlists if, say, some competitive players want to take a break from their high ranked games. Or players are just up for some fun.

One problem I could see is the mixup of players in different divisions. But if you are playing in a mixed party it aught to just judge you as the lowest % of the highest division in the party. Or maybe average your party out, and match you based on your average party rank, but only against OTHER mixed rank parties. That might be the best option.

Guests would be restricted from Ranked games as they have always been.