New Company.

I just made a new company “Fireteam Mythos”. I’m an active player and I am trying to create an active company in which we can actually play together. I’ve had bad luck with previous companies not actually playing. So feel free to join!

If your having trouble recruiting join Two Infinite we are relatively new. But all members are mature and communicate

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y is evry1 making new companies?

Knight Shield is here to help out other Spartans who need help in halo we are here to make new friends and have fun and work as a team we also like to make forge maps as well we are a brand new Spartan companie we are here to have fun and we also do events as well we some times do a game night and a contest to see who is the best Spartan as well we will help you and train you in our best made forge maps as well. here is our web link if you want to join us