New Company recruiting from scratch!

Hello everyone!

I’ve just created a Spartan Company called The Frostwolves and I’m keen on it becoming active and growing. I’m starting from scratch and would like to invite anyone who is currently looking to join a Company to send a request to join.

The aim of this Company is to bring in aload of randomers together, have some fun, bit of laugh, throw some banter around with a slightly competitive side to it. The goal is to slowly build some sort of community that is welcoming to new members, have some fun, have a laugh, whilst also having a positive and healthy attitude towards winning. Skill level is no issue, however, there are some very basic rules that I ask anyone interested in joining adhere by. These can be located on the page below.

I’ve been playing Halo since Halo: CE came out on PC and I’ve never really stopped. I played Halo 3 with some good mates of mine but they longer really play Halo anymore. Also, having recently returned home after being away for a certain amount of time, I’m keen to start playing with others as it gets a bit boring playing multiplayer solo.

Don’t know anyone? Tired of playing with yourself? (No pun intended) Want to start something great? Join The Frostwolves today! Link is below!

I hope you guys will consider joining and I’ll see you in the battlefield!



Sounds interesting. I’ll give you guys a shot. :slight_smile:

Awesome! Anybody else interested?

We have just started and are looking for actives,if you want to come join us your more than welcome or even just play with us that’s cool bro :slight_smile:

Sounds decent! I’ll let you know depending how much we’re able to grow.

I’m down. My gamertag is the same as my username. Hit me up.