NEW Company Recruiting (75th Spartan IV Rangers)

Greetings I’m the Founder from The 75th Spartan IV Rangers. I am here to ask you to enlist in our organization for freedom and the liberation of Humanity. We The75th Spartan IV Rangers are based on the infamous Spartan IV Program. Unlike its predecessors, this new project would return to ORION protocols of recruiting exceptional and fully capable adult soldiers and genetically enhancing their body through a number of bespoke augmentations. This company is a place for both casual and competitive players. But all social/competitive players must still commit their efforts to the company, what I mean is you must be active, friendly and give advice to other company members. We will not accept any bullying in our companies, if we see any offensive or explicit content of any form in the company forums you will be discharged. We are a mature gaming community, so we only accept members ages 16 and up. See you on the battlefield!!!

  • Ground Attack Force [The Flesh and Blood, The Back Bone of the 75th spartan iv rangers]

  • Space Attack Force [ More Advance In Leadership and In Combat Than Your Basic Grunts] - Blue Team [Special Operations Team, Operating Company TOP SECRET Missions]

  • Once you pass Cadet School you get promoted to Private in the Ground Forces. Once you get up to Private First Class you may choose to stay in Ground Attack Force or to transfer into Space Attack Force. As for the Blue Team you must be hand picked for this is a vary secretive branch and only those that we truly trust may enter this branch. Our goal is to become the best clan we can be on Halo. We want to dominate our enemies in battle while having fun when smacking dumb randoms in WarGames. If you want to come help us and are interested in enlisting in The75th Spartan IV Rangers then check the requirements listed below!“requirements to join”

  • You must be 15 years old or older (exceptions made for mature 14 year olds). - You must have a headset mic (no Kinect mics). - You must speak fluent English. - You must average four hours per week in clan activities to be considered active (unless a Leave of Absence is requested).Clan meetings are held once per week; attendance is requested, but not required.

  • In clan meetings, we discuss the next week’s recruiting and training objectives. - Weekly performance is also assessed and discussed. - Promotions are awarded at the conclusion of the meeting. - Willing to wear a issued uniformXbox Live Contacts