New Company Growing fast 1/2 full

Hello everyone recently my friends and I started a new company and within 10 days we are already at 48 members and still growing so I’m here to tell you join in while you still can.
**What the company name?**This is not our Name
We were so new that we still are trying to figure out our name you could be a part of the naming process
What are we looking for?
Simple all you need is a positive K/D a simple 1.0 or higher, at least be in platinum rank anywhere, a mic, and the ability to try new things. (more rules and details inside the name link)
Why should you join?
The company as a whole has a full 50 active members, we all talk and joke with each other. Everyone in the company knows the game and can teach you the game we all know when we can just be chill or if the game requires to go try-hard. We are coordinated, one of the biggest things that will lead you to victory is strategy we all coordinate out teams with little effort and big results. Its a place where you can chill out relax and play the game for fun all while getting the added bonus of winning. We have gotten Achilles before and we are getting it again, in our previous company we all worked hard to get us that shiny Achilles we can and will get it again just for the heck of it, it shows how good of a team we all are.
Why are you still here?
I don’t know you should be on the company page right now applying to join in the fun.