New Company/Clan Needing Active Members

Hello, I’m Diamond Eyes (you may refer to me as Flower or Diamond), one leader of my new clan called The Hollow Moon (THM). We are currently low on members (a measly four! Ouch!), which is why we are currently open for all types of Halo players (and more, which will be elaborated on)! But before I go into details, I wish to say a few quick things about THM.

1) The Hollow Moon is going to be run with a four-leader system. That means no dictators, yay! So far we only have two leaders (Swiftkilswitch3 being the other one,whom you can refer to as Swift), which means that as time goes on and we learn more about each other, the two other spots will be filled by two players who we deem fitting to the position. Each leader will also have an assigned bodyguard (just in case, you know?), which will be the second-highest position in our clan.

2) Unlike most clans, THM is both casual and military. That means that if you’re not the competitive type and are just looking for some buddies to game with, we won’t force you to partake in raids or skirmishes, and you’re very welcome to join!

3) The Hollow Moon wishes to break the mold in terms of clan attitudes. You might be wondering what exactly that means, so let me explain. I, personally, have been in two clans in the past (not counting this one) which means that I’ve dealt with quite a few other clans. In the time that I’ve been able to split clan attitudes in two categories: the “we don’t follow the rules because screw rules” and the “if you don’t follow these rules exactly then you’re dirt, even if they’re flawed”. How about neither? Rules for a video game? Come on. Now, that isn’t to say that as a clan we won’t follow any set of rules; that’s just waiting for chaos to happen. Instead, we will follow our own moral code that (I hope) most clans can agree with. In other words, we discuss rules with other clans before battles, reach an agreement, and go from there.

4) We are a trash-free zone. Now, we don’t mind a little banter here and there. It’s bound to happen eventually. However, if we find that a member is causing unnecessary problems then they will be removed from THM. This includes trash-talking other clans. The whole reason THM was made was because we wanted to make a clan that could be respected, and maybe even looked up to. That’s not going to happen if all we do is treat others poorly.

5) Related to the above, we do have a rank system. However, we do not allow people of higher rank to talk down to others. The ranking system itself is there more for organization than anything else, however we hope that it also offers incentive for members to do well in matches.

THM will also be branching into the following games as well:
- Halo: Reach
- Titanfall
-Titanfall 2

And that’s about it! If you have any questions or want to join, comment and we’ll go from there! Thank you!

Hello, friend. We have not met, but that is of no matter. I’d like to discuss some things with you. Of course, this would be when you have the time to do so. Send me a message, or something thereof, whenever you wish to chat.

I’d like to join. My GT is TheBigCheeze421. I’m competitive. However I do like to play customs or just casually play and have fun. I do not have the titanfallseries but very active in Halo 5. Message me if you’re interested.