New Commendation System?

During the Flight I did not see any type of Commendation system, so I really hope that is staying secret until launch.

If Infinite does not have a Commendation system that will be a huge missed opportunity and a major disappointment. The Halo 4 Commendation system was a great feature in my opinion, which allowed players the opportunity to chase specific customization unlocks. The system in Halo 5 was more simplistic and in my opinion Halo 4’s system was more in depth. I hope to see a huge improvement to the overall system with unique rewards and commendations that take time to earn, so you cannot blow through them. A potential addition would be seasonal commendations with specific unlocks only available for that season.

Infinite must have a Commendation system with rare and unique rewards for completing the Commendation tiers and challenges. Players need something other than the BP to earn rewards and a Commendation system like Halo 4, but more robust is needed to fill that gap. Thee should be several campaign and MP Commendations available with rewards given at specific tier completions, but rare armor and skins rewards at final tier completion.

343 if there is not a Commendation system please seriously consider adding one or the game will suffer in the long run with only the BP giving rewards.

Looking forward to 12/8 343!

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