New commendation system

I haven’t looked at it too much but are the new commendations only based around pvp? I really enjoyed the system, including ranking up, in reach and halo 4, this new system seems like a major step back to me, being more campaign and firefight/Spartan ops mode oriented. Thoughts?

It kinda reminds me of reach, since you earn credits to buy cosmetics and stuff for the casual playlist. I’m just happy a true skill ranking system is in place.

Skill ranking absolutely makes sense, a time grind shouldn’t get you to the top. It does feel similar, just more random and you only earn the points in the modes in which you use them, which does make sense. I guess my thought was that I’m going to spend a good chunk of time in single player, why doesn’t that contribute? Really don’t care either way, I’m not looking for it to change, just wanted to get some feedback.

I do wish that campaign gave you some REQ points (even if small amount) but the system seems decently well thought out. I do like that the arena is just arena and the REQ stuff can be used in WZ

Good point, I like that. Getting a small amount of req points while running campaign Instead of Xp and ranking up. I would have been more than happy with that. It is indeed a good system though, there doesn’t seem to be a way to exploit it which is always nice.