New clan! The 21st ODST Division!

Hello! My name is Speedy! I am actively looking for recruits to join my new clan. This clan is focused on Halo: Reach for the Master Chief Collection ON PC ONLY! This is an ODST themed clan based on a Discord server. It is a military sim style server with ranks and all but it’s much more relaxed than most and the rank stuff is mostly for roleplaying purposes however, the higher ranks are granted certain tasks and responsibilities to help manage the clan as it grows.

I say again, this server and clan is brand spanking new! So when you join, you will likely be among the first of it’s ranks. It’s a European server but don’t worry, I’m American and speak English. If you like ODST’s too then go to the link provided and I’ll see you there.

Anyone with a deep knowledge of managing discord and it’s functions is also more than welcome. Keep in mind that your level of skill doesn’t matter. You can always get better and practice makes perfect.