*NEW CLAN* Red Eagle United now recruiting

Red Eagle United is a brand new military based halo 4 clan.
The requirements to join REU are as follows

  1. Must be at least 13 years of age or up
  2. Must have a working Mic (No Kinects)
  3. Must be online at least 2-3 times a week to be considered “active”
  4. Be able to follow the “orders” of your superiors and leaders.


1.Infantry-Boots on the ground, Best w/ Vehicles.
2.Marksman-Best w/ long ranged weapons, reserved raid slots
3.Commando-The best of the best you specialize in everything, Reserved raid slots
4.Honorguard-Most trusted in the clan protect clan leaders in raid and political meeting among other clans

Application Format

First Name:
How often are you online:
How long have you been playing halo:
Do you have a Working Microphone:
What division do you want to be in?(Infantry/Marksman/Commando/honorguard):
Why do you want to be in this clan and why should we accept you:
Do you have any prior leading experience in any clans:
and the most important question of all… (Must Answer)do you know the Muffin man: