New clan recruiting

I am looking for a few people to join a arena and warzone clan. We want people who mostly play swat, break out and warzone.
Being an experienced team player is a positive.
You must be 16+ in order to join. I am looking for team players who play casually and competitively who like to win but can shrug off a loss. Losses are a part of the game and if you can not take a loss well then find anouther clan. I want players with mics and players who will be friendly and welcoming to any other future clan members. I have not played halo competitively since halo reach and I would like to get back into it. Whether you are high ranking or not ranked at all in arean you will be accepted into the clan. I do want to have clan practices and try to get as highly ranked as possible. I will be looking for leaders when more players start joining. So if you wanna join just send in a request to Masters of Oblivian or send me a message with your Xbox gamer tag and I will invite you to the clan.