New Clan Recruiting - Special Tactics Group

We are the Special Tactics Group (STG), a clan designed to support the players, whether you are competitive and strive to take your skill into the professional arena or you’re a casual gamer who just wants to blow off some steam after a hard days work. Our mission at STG is to provide you with plenty to do and plenty of players to do it with.

STG empowers its members to get into the game and play the game types and playlists that they want. All members are able and encouraged to create Events via our website, those events are pushed to our Discord server letting anyone who is looking for a game know that a lobby is forming.

STG was founded on the universal understanding that playing alone really sucks! And you shouldn’t have to do it! Don’t Play Alone!
Have a crappy kill death ratio? We don’t have a k/d requirement and we host events to help improve your play anyway!
Can’t play more than once per month? Perfect, our only activity requirement is that you attend at least 1 event per month!

While we currently only support Halo: MCC for both PC and XBOX we are always looking to expand into other game franchises! So if what you read sounds appealing or you want to learn more visit our website at or check us out on Discord here.

And remember, Don’t Play Alone!

Additional Member Requirements:

  • Must be at least 18 years of age - Must have a working microphone - Must have Discord