New clan looking for members (The Russian Wolves)

My GT: A Russian Wolf

Clan name: The Russian Wolves (modified for clan tag to TheRussianWolfs)

About: At The moment the clan just has me, and I would like the clan to be a place where everyone can have fun get along and just mess about, weather your good or bad at Halo, I want it to be a clan that can accommodate all skills, where there is a competitive side, and a side that just likes to run each other over every often in warthog’s.

Must haves:
Copy of TMCC
Sense of humour
Easy to get along with (It’s likely My friends who don’t want to be in the clan will be playing with me/the clan a lot)

Over 14/15 (depending on maturity)

Message me for more info

Sincerely A Russian Wolf


I’ll join, I’ve been looking for a clan that has these ideals that’s recruiting for a while; and wolf theme no less! My gamer tag is: Musha Ookami . I dont have the MCC yet, I’m waiting for it to come in the mail. But I would be thrilled to be in a clan that plays Halo, because its fun. Which is something that people have seemed to forgotten about in video games, that there supposed to be fun.

That would be great, sorry about the delay, I am currently on holliday so can’t do much about it

i’ll join

i’ll join been looking for a clan for a while. Gt A STATISTIC1985 send me a msg on live any time

GT: Zeruca

thank you for the intrest, i will contact you all ASAP