New clan called haunted recruiting

New recruiting clan called haunted. We accept everyone and anyone above the age of 10.
here are some rules

1.must be 10 or older
2.must play frequently
3.must not trash talk alot
4.must change emblem and clan tag

There are four different divisions in the clan

Commander-Must have good use with a DMR and have good driving skills

Special ops-Must be a good sniper

Assasion-Must be good with energy swords and gravity hammers and must use active camo

Assualt-Must be good with close quarters weapons

If you have any questions or want to join me contact me [GT: germangk]

interesting…kinda different from most posts made by clans that want more people to join.

I would love to join ^^, I can fall into most of the groups but im not all that good of a driver ;P.
My gamertag is : Mayaanz.
Please send me a request and add me in game :).

See you soon :slight_smile:

I would like to join after all im skilled in Halo So send a Friend request

Actually can you guys add me cause i am kind of busy. GT:germangk

Blood of Ganaon thats because my clan is defferent from others.