New Cinematic Map-Pack

Right now I’m making a series of maps detailing the life of a soldier. What I imagined is that you would play through the maps in order and you would develop a story of a soldier growing up, along with flash-backs and other cinematic stuff. I will be completing this on the following maps and the general theme I could use for each map:

1.) Abandon: A facility studying an unknown species of aliens possibly Jackels or Flood.
2.) Adrift: A ship orbiting a bright star or planet also developing an large version of the Mantis.
3.) Complex: A fort with a Forerunner artifact inside.
4.) Erosion: A UNSC facility under ground, A temple or structure just below the ground, Or a bog.
5.) Exile: A camp sight for survivors of a shipwreck.
6.) Haven: The top of a forerunner tower.
7.) Impact: Space
8.) Longbow: A UNSC out-post in an arctic world.
9.) Meltdown: A forerunner location in an arctic world.
10.) Ragnarok: A crashed pelican near two forerunner towers.
11.) Ravine: Ocean, Ravine, Valley all next to forerunner temple.
12.) Solace: One of many Forerunner “powerplants” doing something to a bright star or planet, also with UNSC gear around.
13.) Vortex: Maybe in space, a forerunner place doing something, complete with tons of UNSC gear around.

So guys, what order do you think the maps should be in and should the detailed themes be?

I’m a bit confused as to what you’re trying to accomplish. Are you using Forge to edit the existing maps so that they seem like training fields? Or are you going to use Sony Vegas or something in order to add effects to make the maps seem more cinematic. Or perhaps using Theater Mode to do panoramics and make a machinima of sorts? I’m very confused.

If this is a cinematic mod you’re working on, which it seems like it might be, I would change the OP and delete the contents of this post, since any discussion of that is against the rules.

It seems to me like you’re doing a machinima of sorts, though, so I’ll edit this post and delete my warning after you respond. I just wanted to warn you in case it is. Thanks!