New Changes to the Challenge System (Nov. 1, 2022)

Waypoint link if you haven’t read it :point_down:

This post is just my thoughts, if you don’t care, just comment your thoughts.

There is no tl;dr

Notable Takeaways:

Match XP

“The Winter Update brings a free 30-tier Battle Pass, and with the introduction of the Match XP Beta, Challenges and Ultimate Rewards will also receive a significant rework to improve your progression and customization journey—for this Battle Pass, for players who haven’t yet completed Season 1 and 2, and for all future Battle Passes as well.”

Match Complete - 150 XP
Winning Team - 50 XP
Top 50% of team - 50 XP
MVP - 50 XP

To put this in the context of a standard 4v4 Team Slayer match:

  • 8 players will always gain 150 XP.
  • 4 players will always gain 200 XP (total).

Note 1: Top 50% of team likely applies to both teams (win or lose).

  • 2 players will always gain 200 XP (Complete match + top 50% + losing team (0 XP))
  • 2 players will always gain 250 XP (Complete match + top 50% + winning team (50 XP))

Note 2: MVP likely only applies to one player, the player with the best overall stats in the match, regardless of who won.

  • 1 player can gain up to a maximum of 300 XP.

Note 3: I have no idea how this will apply to ties.


  • "We are reducing the number of Challenges required to hit the Ultimate Challenge from 20 to 10
  • All Challenges in regular weekly decks can be completed in any playlist
  • Challenges are more “general” overall"
  1. The reduction from 20 to 10 will be interesting. Less challenges could mean the difficulty will increase. Although that difficulty could simply mean, “Get 20 kills with a BR” is now increased to “Get 40 kills with a BR.”
  2. The second and third points are pretty straight forward, but we have to see what their definition of “general” is. Hopefully it’s like MCC.

Ultimate Rewards

“…the Winter Update’s Ultimate Rewards will feature the most popular Ultimate Rewards from Seasons 1 and 2 to help players get another chance to earn them in case they missed them last time.”

This is a double-edged sword. On one hand, it temporarily eliminates FOMO for players who have already gotten these items, and alleviates it for players who may have missed them. On the other, it’s 343 straight up admitting that they won’t be adding new content to the Ultimate Challenge portion of the game, which may discourage players from engaging with the new XP Beta.

I’m curious to see what the “most popular” rewards are. Like armor pieces, coatings and weapon skins. I wouldn’t expect to see “Sacrifice parts 1-4” in here.

Also an important note is that the ultimate challenge requirements will likely be changed. So I don’t expect to see the dreaded “Win 3 Ranked CTF matches” in here.


Last and least, career progression is “on the way”.

What are your thoughts? Are these good changes? Bad? Why? Let’s give them quality feedback so this game can eventually become the experience (pardon the pun) we wanted.

I like the changes overall.

But we’ll need to see how they fall in real life before we can make a real judgement.

But we’re heading in the right direction.

Hopefully the challenges are just that. Challenging. Something that takes at least a few days of solid play to work through.

And it will still feel a bit weird without the career progression in place.

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Yep a lot of good. And any of the bad, was more speculative than anything. I think it’ll handle nicely.

Guess we’ll know in a week :crossed_fingers:

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Oh good, looks like I’ll be able to blow through a 100 tier battle pass in half the time now. So, basically 2-3 weeks tops lol?

I wonder if you’ll still get daily bonuses with this.

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For the time being, Event Challenges will remain in their current form, tied to their respective Event Playlists, but players can expect to see this change in the future as well.

does that read as playlists will not be mode agnostic from the 8th but rather will become agnostic at some undetermined date in the future? that’s kinda disappointing. i’m so tired of rumble pit.

Tune in next week to find out!

The way I understood it is that events (Tenrai, Yappening, Entrenched) will be progressed by completing challenges for a special orange playlist (Fiesta, Social BTB, Land Grab respectively). I don’t expect to see a change on the 8th. I could be wrong though.

How they plan to change this? I have no idea.

Well, next week is just a 30 tier pass lol. Might give me an idea, but won’t give me a solid answer to my question.

When you finish just multiply by 3.33 :grimacing:

Also it’s just a “beta” so it’s “subject to change”