New challenges force you into ranked

Don’t mind playing ranked now and again but I mostly stick to quickplay/social, now there are ranked challenges that even when swapped out give ranked again… Don’t really want to be forced to play ranked


So did the previous ones…


True but before you could swap it out for a non ranked challenge, don’t know if I’m just unlucky but I used 3 swaps on one and it was ranked every time


I’d guess unlucky :frowning: unfortunately

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They are not “forcing you” to play ranked, but they are making incentives for people to actually play ranked so they can avoid what happened with mcc ranked.


Don’t do the ranked challenges then?

I admit, I wouldn’t mind some simple ones that pop up like calling out multiple people with the call out button. This might help more people figure out that it exists and that it can help teammates coordinate attacks much more easier.


Oh boy, it’s another one of these players. You only defend Ranked challenges because you want more noobs and casual players to pummel.


The noobs will all be playing together in the silver and gold rankings pummeling eachother


Just like they aren’t forcing you to buy emblems and armor coatings when all you want is the shoulders, or when they weren’t forcing you to play objective game types when all you wanted was slayer? Halo infinite has a lot of forced issues that are getting resolved slowly but do exist to begin with. The game type specific challenges require players to play something they may not like in order to get a cosmetic they may want (so far only one weekly reward was worth the grind but that’s beside the point). This is a problem that shows up in the fracture event pass where you can only progress by completing the challenges, something that honestly not everyone is capable of, so it becomes rewarding to only a percentage of the community and that is where a lot of grievance with the current state of the game comes in with the arm twisting presentation


hate ranked, but was able to get 3 challenges done at once as I had play 2 ranked matches 3 times and well just had to play 2 matches and got 3 challenges done.

that said, I only like BTB, and yet haven’t been able to play it for a week do to the crash on load problem.


Can’t really say that when there’s an ultimate reward for completing all challenges, Like I said I was really unlucky with the swaps I think… wouldn’t care if I’d been able to swap out for a non ranked challenge.

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Kind of have to if I want the ultimate reward don’t I, it’s fine I just wish swaps weren’t terrible

I do admit I find it lame you can’t even preview the swag before hand. Make sure it’s not secretly ugly lol.

It sucks, but it’s their game. You can hope that it becomes available later on with different requirements I guess to obtain it. But whatcha gonna do?

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No i would say its the new norm. I used 7 challange swaps on a single ranked challenge and got 7 iterations of a ranked challenge vis a vis oddball match, ctf match, slayer match, win match, play match.

Its not just dumb (un)luck. This is the new design. Not the worst, but i agree, there are times i dont want to play an absolute sweat fest.

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Y’all would find something to complain about if 343 just straight up gave everyone the weekly reward.

Put your big boy pants on and play a few matches, or use a swap, or don’t get so worked up over a lame cosmetic.

you couldnt be more wrong: i never play Ranked, you can look me up if you want. Im just too bad at the game and I already have other games that takes my time so i wont be “training” for our just to say I’m Onix (or Orion i dont know the best rank name). I will try to get the 1 win for the challenge tho

I absolutely 100% agree here. There was one person trying to say “oh, they aren’t forcing you to play anything” but when the weekly ultimate reward can only be earned by completing all challenges, then yeah, if you want to get what SHOULD be within reach to the average player, it is a ‘soft’ method of forcing a player into it. Me, I don’t plan to touch ranked with a ten foot pole.

There’s a whole bunch of stuff that’s being implemented wrong all over this game. The core gameplay is great, but as soon as you get back to the menu’s, you’re reminded of the aggressive and greedy monetization, the wretched battlepass challenges, the utter lack of an XP system, the constant failures to get into certain playlists, and the barren customization selections that they false-advertised harshly about.

I’m almost mad that the core gameplay is as good as it is. It’s gameplay that deserves better from the rest of the product.

Edit: Oh, and to those wondering if it’s just luck that the stupid ranked-only challenges only seemed to swap to other ranked challenges… it can’t be just like. I used up like ten of my swaps on that. It stays ranked-exclusive. Very frustrating, and a major waste of my resources.


Totally different stuff:

Do I have another option besides the premade emblems? No

Do I have another option to get the shoulders? No

Do I have another way of getting Exp? Yes, other challenges (that are thankfully “kind of” fixed…)

Those are incentives and helps the developers to maintain population on gamelists so, if you just want to play slayer, then just play slayer (just since today… the NEW game mode). BUT if you want to get the different weapon skin, go play [Game mode] today. Other way to do this stuff is just having 2 options: Do you want 4v4 or 8v8? This was their past solution and is was terrible

Have I sounded worked up in any of my posts? Just think it’s a weird change that there’s dedicated ranked challenges that can’t be swapped out.

I’ll be doing the challenges trust me.

It’s literal stated in their update that you will only receive ranked challenges for swapping ranked challenges in this hcs themed week