New Challenge Type: X Challenges

Basically it would reward a amount of credits for every specific task you complete in the time given. Also since some people can’t start on them right away YOU choose when to activate them, you have 15 hours past 1 Am.


Multi Millionaire - + 500 Credits for every Killonaire you earn in the next 1/2 hour.

Reaper Of Revenge - + 300 Credits for every kill you get with the Energy sword in the next 9 minutes.

Slayer Of The Slayer - + 415 Credits for every time you kill the juggernaut in the next 10 minutes.

Gunslinger - + 200 Credits for every kill you get with a Magnum in the next 12 minutes.

Way Of The Assassin - + 345 Credits for every Assassination you get in the next 13 minutes.

Interesting idea, perhaps this can be done with the new custom challenges.

However, then people would -Yoink!- those gametypes for the amount of time given, not to mention boost the hell out of them.

Honestly its a good idea. Better than receiving how many credits for fulfilling a set number of objectives. But it probably will not be implemented, as its not in the current engine code and rewriting new code for a year old game is not exactly top in 343’s engineers to-do list right now.

Sounds remarkably close to Black ops ‘Contracts’ and I never used them so I doubt I would use this system.

That’s just my opinion though.

This is a great idea. I’m up for it.