New Casual Spartan Company!

Hey! we are a brand new Spartan company all about having fun and making war-cries. We just want to have lots of people and lots of fun playing a game we all love (kinda). Anyone can join, so yeah. Mics are recommended, but hey, not needed. We are working towards getting the Achilles armor, so if you don’t have it yet and want to help, that would be a good reason to join! We aren’t really serious at all, so that’s a thing. Communication is key here. Arguments over petty things and personal disagreements have no place here and will not be tolerated. I want to make a safe haven for everyone to enjoy themselves. But yeah, that’s it! Hope to see you out there!

The company is here: The Together Spartans


Hey! We are still looking for new recruits, and seeing how hard the new Achilles armor is to get, we absolutely need more people! So, If you just enjoy playing Halo, and want some cool people to play with, please, do join us!

Hey! we are still in need of more people, so please do apply! We hope to see you out there, Spartan!

Hey If you end up having trouble getting people for your company. You are free to merge Into our’s. We have 36 player’s right now who are all active.

Frantic Four Shot