New BUtton Layouts Revealed!!

Hey whats going on everybody this is my first post on the forums.

Here is the question, what do you think of the new controller layouts. and why is there no Layout that has sprint as the right bumper and relod as x ?

Any thoughts anyone?

Don’t bump

Dud search around the threads about buttons layouts…

> Dud search around the threads about buttons layouts…

It was probably bumped because many people like myself hate it when we make useful ‘new’ threads that get ignored, suddenly become ‘old’ while others take credit. Anyway that’s just speculation since I’m sure there’s been tons of similar threads but it’s still nice to see this thread since it wasn’t spammed like the ‘spoiler’ alert threads.

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Secondly, try not to post misleading threads, people get really upset about that and it may be locked by a mod. also, make sure the post isnt something old, which people are also kinda tired of.

happy halo-ing