New Bug! Plz read *343*

After playing h3 campaign, I no longer get new films in theater!! No matter what I do the most recent films are the h3 campaign missions.
Also 9/10 fights (h2:a) end up with the other player “1 shot” WAS NOT LIKE THAT IN 2004! I have so many assists b/c I’ll get the guy down to “1 shot” and then he or his 2nd & 3rd teammate will Gang up on me and kill me. One of my teammates (if I’m lucky) will kill the 1 shot guy.
Also xbox live is matching me with players, but it takes 15-30minutes to create a lobby with some of those recent players, others are brand new when the lobby finally creates.
CAMPAIGN CHECKPOINTS STILL WON’t save & coop is TOO LAGGY TO PLAY! Terminal achievements won’t pop! Gun goose loose ache.wont pop.
i’ve been tweeting @halo & @brav all of this. But 9/10x UNBALANCED TEAMS AND UN BALANCED SKILL MATCHMAKING!

On my ipad now, will add more details later.

Yes none of this is news man. Get used to it until the fix

Yes this isn’t a new bug it’s been mentioned plenty of times. I’m sure if they ever release the new patch that was delayed from Wednesday 19th to whatever day they hope to release it, we will see a fixed and still broken list go up from someone.