New BTB mode idea with ALL the VEHICLES at the START

Each team starts with one of every vehicle (all the attackiing vehicles atleast) and the goal is to destroy all of the enemies vehicles to win the round. Best of 3 rounds or 5. Depends how long the matches are.

Each match would happen llike this. everyone is in a vehicle. Slowly or quickly i(who knows) vehicles will start being destroyed. when vehicles are destroyed, infantry (spartans) on foot spawn back trying to protect their remaining vehicles while also attacking the other teams vehicles along with other spartans. Towards the end of the round its mostly infantry combat with waypoints on the last 3 remaining vehicles for each team, everyone is scavenging to take out the last vehicle(s) while also protecting their own remaining vehicle(s). It will be quite interesting to see which vehicles survive the war each round and how it affects gameplay as the round progresses.

I just want a mode where destroying vehicles matters and we get to regularly use all the vehicles.


BTB Heavies is what your after.


Played some fun rounds of it on the MCC tonight :slight_smile:

that exact idea? built in forge?-edit nevermind, you were talking about heavies

i tried to come up with an idea less snow bally, but i will take btb heavies