New BTB map a disappointment?

Most of the time people are complaining about how tight driving land vehicles are on BTB maps, idk how on earth you consider making Aerial vehicles the main focus.

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I think it sounds awesome. Makes me think of Terminal from H2.


Don’t get me wrong I actually enjoy the BTB in this game, but I do also echo the same feelings as some on here. The maps are too tight in 95% of the areas for vehicles. Vehicles are a lot less effective as a result because in this game there are even grappling hooks that are instant hijack… There should be some small areas sure, and one big area. Def need a wide open map so vehicles can shine a bit more. Tanks on the other hand can go to hell tho. Tanks are OP as hell IMO lol.


I think you’re mixing up two names here. Rat Race is a CE 4v4 map (although you can play BTB Action Sack on it) without vehicles and the map you are referring to is Rat’s Nest :wink:

Both are fun maps though :wink:


You act like you’ve never seen a book before

A quote is not a cover, its a tagline

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Highpower has a focus on air vehicles. So much so it’s the only btb map with a static wasp spawn that doesn’t rely on pelican drops.

If 343 wanted an air vehicle focused map, they would need to make a map that is suspended in the air, where banshees can fly around the perimeter, over the top or under the bottom through the soft kill barrier (2 of 3 if these are featured in Behemoth). Or even something like Boarding Action where the two bases are separated by a large chasm.

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Let’s be honest here, 343i has done nothing for BTB players since they took over. The BTB maps in Halo 4 were mediocre at best with the exception of Ragnarok. Halo 5 BTB was the ultimate middle finger to the community. Halo Infinite BTB is not BTB it’s Big Team Arena.

343i don’t understand the concept of fun with the weapon and vehicle sandbox, this is only a guess but I think their entire multiplayer development team solely focus on arena maps, 4v4 or 12v12 they cannot comprehend open maps without lanes.

Also asymmetrical maps are very thin on the ground when it comes to 343i, if it doesn’t fit with competition play it doesn’t fit in 343i’s multiplayer mandate.


I’m way excited to check out the new map. Maybe it will be lame, but like a previous reply on this thread said, “You haven’t even played it, are you JOKING?”

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Now that we can actually see the new maps, I stand by my original post.

343 doesn’t have a clue what makes BTB different from 4v4.

Its literally not even out yet lol

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It’s not the maps. It’s the fact this is the culmination of the past 6 months work….
And this is all we get.
Half a year from launch.

Hmmm something don’t feel right.

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343 literally put out a new video showing the map lol

Yeah. With ZERO gameplay

You got the ability to see into the future or something?

Please tell me if I win the lottery this week too

You don’t win the lottery

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Going based purely on the visual preview we got, I like how Breaker looks. How it plays though I’ll only know when it comes out.

We don’t play videos, we play maps and games.

All we know are aesthetic themes and rough ideas of locations around a few power weapons and equipments

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I can’t wait for the new map.

Like, literally, it has a giant lava laser AND a huge acid death pit.

Can’t wait to call shotgun on a warthog with my buddy. He is literally the worst driver in the history of Halo. I can see a lot of plummeting in my future.

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Right, because that’s what Halo Infinite needs in BTB… Maps that are even more punishing for vehicles. This is a big part of what makes the current BTB maps so bad and 343 is just doubling down on their disdain for vehicles.

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I always thought that was something that made vehicles fun. Jumps over pits and racing along cliff edges.

Just not with my mate. He is just as likely to reverse over the edge. But he is an outlier. Just useless. :slight_smile:

But yes, I agree we need some bigger wide open maps. Dare I say, gulch-like. Open plains where the hogs and the geeses play.

One of my first forge / scripting projects is going to be a type of warthog / mongoose jousting. Teams start in vehicles at each end of a long open rectangular map and you then get a short timer to get from one end to the other - shooting the hell out of each other as you go past. If you make it to the other end you have a brief respite to turn around and reload before you go again.

Lava laser AND a huge acid death pit AND the repulser :grin::rofl:

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