New BTB map a disappointment?

“It’s a tighter and faster-playing BTB map”

Because that’s what BTB needs… An even tighter map. Ugh.

Good grief. 343 just doesn’t understand what makes BTB fun. The maps were already too tight, making driving vehicles cumbersome and making BTB play just like 4v4. This is just boring.

Bring back the open maps that made BTB!


Let me guess, another map with a couple of lanes or spaces for vehicles to take and you just get obliterated within seconds for even trying?


I think it depends on where this “tightness” is. If they mean the infantry areas will be more CQC focused and not allow vehicles in (kinda of like Sand Trap), then I’m in. But if they mean we’re gonna be fighting in 1 lane NYC traffic, then they need to re-evaluate their definition of “BTB”.

Hopefully the vehicle circuit is wide and open though.


That’s what’s wrong with 343’s thinking. Vehicles shouldn’t be using lanes. It should just be an open field with a few rocks/buildings for cover. Look at Valhalla, Blood Gulch, Exile, or even Spire.


You’ve already played it? How?


It’s hard to judge a book when you haven’t even seen the cover yet.


I doubt it. I would not describe a map like that as “tighter and faster playing.”

I’ve seen the cover… “Tighter and faster playing”

So yes, I am judging a book by its cover. But if I was describing a map this is the exact opposite of how I would describe BTB maps that I like from previous games when comparing them to the current maps in Infinite.

So I am not hopeful.

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Rats Nest is a tight and fast paced BTB map with some of the best hog play in the series.

Just saying


Rats Nest from Halo 3 is possibly an exception. If 343 just remade it, I would be pleasantly surprised. (I still wouldn’t have used “tighter” to describe it.)

343’s BTB maps have been getting tighter and tighter since Halo 4.

Spire is a poor example because it’s a garbage map that hyperfocuses all the action inside the Spire which makes the existence of all the vehicles save the Banshee and Falcon pointless.

And to make matters worse, Spire is a classic Halo holdout spot oriented map because the Spire just has too much tactical advantage to ignore.

Some maps should accomodate vehicles, some maps just don’t.

At the moment, only Highpower and Behemoth accomodates vehicles well, and Behemoth should really make the jump over to BTB map pool.

Maps like Frag are only large in the name of scale, but so suffocating for vehicle gameplay. And don’t get me started on Deadlock. Literally the worse map for vehicles with how many jagged rocks and trenches across the main no man’s land and the 2 flanking “lanes” are tighter than a crack. God Deadlock really feels bad to play on.

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Naw, you’ve read words from 343. When have those ever proved reliable?

I’m not saying your concerns aren’t valid, just that we don’t know anything about the map. It almost certainly isn’t a big open map from the “cover”, but maybe it will play great. I’m not going to decide I hate it from a word or two.


Yeah I figured. I’m just trying some hopium

It hyperfocuses around the spire because it an invasion map and vehicles are only available after phase 1, when the Spire opens. I used as an example because it still has a small vehicle circuit around the base of the spire. Also it’s probably the only map that focuses on air combat rather than ground combat.

Except no power weapons or vehicle spawn in there so eventually the team on the ground will have the means to take the Spire unless the “defending” team branches out to secure more guns.

Yea but the talk here is about vehicles and majority of the ground vehicles are just rendered useless by Spire’s inherent tactical holdout position. There’s also the factor of the team in control of the Spire just grabbing the Rocket and Sniper before going up there and picking off any flying vehicles that come to challenge the position.

Spire is just a really bad map.

I think you are taking the word “tighter” the wrong way here. I read it as the gameplay will be tighter as in closer matches score wise and also the pace of the game itself. Not literally to be in tight spaces.

Think of the Halo 3 map (with the huge satilite dishes, can’t think of the name) and how tight almost every match would be. It always came down to the wire, last second. Most matches were very close whether it was Slayer, CTF or even Assault.

So in my opinion I think he meant tight as in close games.

You haven’t even played it, are you JOKING?


I agree. That map is good for evasion. But terrible for vehicular battles. I would have put two spires on opposite sides of the map but only if we had more of a stretched out version of it. Kind of like Blood Gulch with trenches and cover with two towers at either end.

I’m not talking about the quality of the map. I never even said I liked it. I only referenced it because it’s a map that allows aircraft to thrive because it’s one of the tallest halo maps ever.

Infinite’s BTB maps lack quality when it comes to vehicle play because of how congested they are and how tight the lanes are. Spire has a wide and tall air corridor that give banshees and the like a lot of breathing room. Something a map like Fragmentation doesn’t do. Look at Behemoth. People love flying banshees on that map.