New Breakout Thoughts

So I gave the new Breakout 2.0 mode a go last night, and I have to say, I think this is closer to what Breakout should have been when Halo 5 was released. I actually prefer it to the original version of the playlist, and I enjoyed that one as well, but here’s my two biggest reasons why…

1) The flag actually matters now. Before, it very rarely mattered or had any impact on the game if we’re all being honest. 90% of the time, games ended with the flag either being completely ignored, or used as a decoy / way to flush out that last remaining player on the other team. Sure, you’d occasionally get the sneaky capture, but game by game, it was basically just there. Now, by making it easier to capture (return it to your own home base, not enter enemy territory with it), and by having full shields to help get you there, there were several games of Breakout 2.0 last night where it was a mad dash to stop the enemy team from immediately grabbing and capping it. It made the game more engaging and faster-paced.

2) Shotgun / pistol still feels like Breakout, but with an extra dimension to it. The idea behind Breakout before was one life per round, no shield, therefore, easier to take out in a few shots. And it still feels that way with the shotgun up close… a single shot will do it. But, having shields allows you to be more tactical in how you approach the enemy… hide and try to surprise them up close, play back and support, get to cover because you’re getting shot but need to live to help your team’s odds. Not only are games more intense now, but there’s the extra element of strategy for your team to work with there. Additionally, a 1v2, 1v3 situation before was extremely difficult to come out ahead in… with the shotguns, a smart player has a much better chance of pulling it off (though the smart enemy team would grab the flag still to lure them out).

Thoughts? I’m actually happy with the update. Makes Breakout feel new again, and something I’m more interested in playing than the old version of that game.

Make sure to post your feedback in the Breakout Refresh Feedback Thread! This post is quite well-thought and communicated so I’m sure 343 will want to see it. I believe that thread is the prime spot they will be looking.

Thanks, I’ll add it there as well!