New BR sound?? hmmm...

sorry if this is old guys

what’s up with the new chirp like sound of the br? it sounds like a cricket to me, dunno about you guys, seems a little goofy

I think they recorded the sounds from real guns, that’s why.

But that must be some weird crickets you’ve heard.

remember,it´s not the br55 anymore

Do crickets carry weapons where you live? <.<

well of course they recorded the sounds from real guns but i’ve never heard any gun have a chirpy mechanism like that, though if anyone has some insight on this would be well appreciated :slight_smile:

That missions in space, dawg.

> Do crickets carry weapons where you live? <.<

Happens more than you think…

Sounds good to me, sounds powerful.

I dunno, I always thought that most of the weapons (non-promethean) sounded a little weird now, but hey, thats “sound design” for you.

The audio has been recorded by real life weapons and some of them modded to give a more sci-if feel. I am pretty sure only a few weapons have had this one to them. But I like it even though I’d use the DMR :slight_smile:

I prefer the new chirpy sound. The Chocobo lover in me commands it.


the gun sounds are made from real gun recordings

I think the new sounds are epic!

Yes it definitely sounds weird, I think it will take some time for the sound to grow on us. It’s not just the BR either, although I am dissapointed the BR in particular doesn’t have that same classic sound to it, as that was part of which made it such a beast of a gun. Also it is not only in space, watch footage on other maps. It sounds like somebody is walking with water in their shoes like a squelching noise lol it needs more bass and less chirp… Also Spartans should have a BR as a default weapon (for cover art etc. as well as in game) over an AR imo, it just suits them better than a clunky full auto weapon.

If you think the BR sounds bad wait till you hear the hog!

> Remember, it´s not the BR55 anymore.

I don’t really love the sound of the BR either, but I won’t use it that much anyway.

They took the live gun sounds and then edited them to make each weapon sound distinct.

I hate the sound the shield recharge makes. It sounds like a freakin copy machine

I liked the old sound better cause it made the BR sound like a smooth weapon. With the new sound, it sounds like the bullets are too thick to come out of the BR.