New Big Team Battle maps?

I’m a little new to the forum but I have an idea that is probably nothing new but I really feel this needs to be put into effect.

Whenever i’m not being a competitive tryhard in the MLG Playlist i really enjoy playing Big Team Battle with my friends. It’s a lot of fun! However playing the same maps over and over again can get tiresome and since a lot of people go in and always vote for the same map it becomes very boring quickly.

Putting it straight, we need some new content. Everyone loves new content because it keeps the game fresh and entertaining. The idea of “entering the new” is a fascinating experience, even when it comes to a Halo: Reach map!

There are some very talented forgers out there that have created the best Big Team Battle maps I have ever played on. Most of them providing a great balance between teams and massive amounts of fun for everyone in our custom games! I have had hours of fun playing these with 16-player parties in custom games, but what if we can bring the hours of fun into matchmaking!

Anybody remember the Invasion community maps that 343i added into matchmaking? I really enjoyed those maps and it kept the invasion experience fresh and very enjoyable. In fact the new content is the only thing that keeps me entertained when i enter the playlist.

What if a new community map pack could be released for Big Team Battle? We haven’t had a good amount of content for quite some time for the core Big Team battle community that enjoy the standard gametype.

Here are a few maps that i would recommend for use in matchmaking (with gameplay footage) that are presented by The Halo Forge Epidemic. They show the gameplay and features of a map very well and i think many of you would enjoy the videos.

Brick - By MythicFritz

Port Authority - By Mockkhizzle008 and The Pyscho Duck

Warhorse - By Nibbles, Throwinsomebows and titmar

Let me know what you guys think. I think it would be great to see some of these (or many other great creations) in the Big Team Battle playlist!

  • Pyro UK

I believe the playlist is getting an update to Evolved BTB very soon, so the changes are already in the works.

There are a ton of maps in the BTB playlist. The problem isn’t the number of maps; the problem is that nobody seems to want to vote for a map other than Hemorrhage.

This is what I’m getting at. We need to throw out the old ones to make way for some new, fresh content.