New Beta mp cut scene skipped!!!?!

did anyone else skip it by mistake? i can not find it anywhere. (in the halo mcc, when clicking on the beta for the 1st time it launches a cut scene thats new) has elites doing something before it was skipped

It’s not new. It’s the bonus Halo 2 Anniversary cutscenes made by blur. I don’t know how to find it on the MCC/Halo Channel again, I’m sure it’s there somewhere but here’s a link to the cutscene on Youtube.

You can find it on Halo Channel (xbox). Go to Games and then to cutscenes or videos. Go to halo 2 anni cutscenes and scroll to the far right (where you also find the special cutscenes of halo 2)

It’s the epilogue for H2A. Probably not a H5 thing as Locke has a BR55 but then it might just be recycling models xD