New Armor

Hey all

I watched alot of the IGN footage from halofest over the past week.
I dunno if i missed it, or if there was nothing mentioned on this topic.
But im wondering if anyone heard mention of new armor coming for reach with the CE remake or the Reach TU?


Complete oppisite, 343 confirmed that there will be no new armour with the TU, but they never said anything about the new map pack. :wink:

I see.
Thanks for that mate.

Once again, 343 avoided any direct answers to questions referring to new or different armor, but they strongly hinted at it. And yeah, no armor with the TU, but it would of made more sense to put it in a big map pack anyway.

New maps will most likely come with achievements which when unlocked, they unlock the armour on waypoint.

So its all kind of up there?
Hope they aint achievement based, or waypoint unlocks…
Been saving up cred in reach to get them.

most likely included in the dlc because i think it would be easier to incorporate it into the game. It also seems logical that they would extend the waypoint armour unlock tool

Shishka specifically said (I BELIEVE) that there will be new armor just not in THIS TU. (a game can have more than one TU. Halo 3 had like 2 or 3 i do believe)