New Armor to come?

hey guys, I am a big Halo Reach player and i want to ask anyone about this. Will there be new armor for reach later and what about vid masters achievements. Could bungie be holding out on us or is there more to come?

Nope, sorry. They haven’t comfirmed anything except there will be no new armour on the way

There’s images of new armor (a new helmet and what seems to be a new chest piece) in the screenshots for the new map pack; but a mod on here (and a Bungie weekly update) stated that the armor is not in the new map pack.

Refer to answer above. On one images on one of the Defiant Maps three Spartans were posing, and one of them were wearing a thus far unseen helmet. People drew the conclusion that the new maps also came with new armor perms, which was disproven by both Bungie and bs angel.