New Armor Pack Is Decently Priced

I just logged in to see that the daily set is called the Intrusion Pack, $5 for a Helmet attachment, a sandy armor coating, and new shoulder pads. Its still a $1.25 price per item but its a nice baby-step.

I’d pay $1.25 for the whole set

Valuing digital cosmetics is so weird and seems extremely hard to do as a developer.
Personally no matter WHAT THE ARMOR IS I would never spend more than 1 dollar on a digital cosmetic because to me it’s value is so minor. It’s a game, that I can’t tell you how long I’ll play for. I love the game and would support it but not at this pricing.
Everyone’s value system is different

Tf2 and csgo (awful money examples but wait lol) would sell items for 0.03 cents or 15 cents, to me that’s fair as heck cuz I’ll definitely accidentally spend 40 bucks on that and be SUPER SATISFIED with all the precious epic gamer loot

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Making the community of csgo also Valuing things themselves like certain skins being 900 bucks is absolutely ridiculous but thats also how economies like such can go. There’s always some bad with the good tho

Good point, we’re more likely to spend money on a variety of items if their low priced.