New armor/ kill effects suggestions?

Aside from what we’ve seen so far, what new ideas could anyone propose? I was thinking of a “disintegrate on kill” effect as one, and borrowing from the “inclement weather” effect, perhaps have electricity shoot out with every step, and slides produce a streak of lightening in your direction.
A new Idea I had just conjured up also, are shield regen effects; perhaps they can add the banished shield effect on regen, or being engulfed in flames as your shield regens.

What are some suggestions of yours?

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There already is a disintegrate on kill effect

I meant more or less for all weapons, as opposed to being restricted to forerunner weapons.

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I would really like some “Elite Skins” instead if these Unreal Tournament wanabe Skins! :rofl:

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a literal explosion with your spartan armour flying everywhere