New Armor Cores?

With the introduction of the Yoroi Armor, I would like to see more armor options added to these cores while we progress through multiplayer.

What would be some cool armor cores you would like to see?

For example I would like to see:

Mark VI armor cores with Halo 3 or Halo 3 inspired armor options (NO MCC Armor PLZ) as in security rogue, old EVA, Hayabusa should be in the Yoroi core IMO.

Mark IV armor core would be cool as well or even prototype stages of the old Spartan IIs

What I would not like to see:

I have been seeing some images of Medieval Spartan armor (leaks maybe?): The Yoroi armor fits a little better than medieval armor. Like are you serious? Give us something related to lore or add something that makes sense in the Halo Universe like covenant tech spartan armor, forerunner tech armor. Medieval? Come on…

With that being said what would you like to see?


The medieval armour you saw was probably from the MCC.

And all the fracture events should make any armour varients/cores fit into the lore, that is the purpose of fracture events to give an option for wild armour designs.

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I would like to see Sangheili armor cores where you play as a sangheili and Kig-yar armor cores where you play as a Kig-yar Spartan


Armour cores I’d like to see is a GEN3 Mk. VI armour core for the Halo 3 armours, as well as maybe a GEN3 Recruit armour core for some H4/H5 armours, but I feel like that’ll be overlapping with why 343 have GEN3 Mk. VII. The last one I’d like to see is a GEN3 Mk. IV armour core, where they can add some Mk. IV armours such as maybe a Red Team-esque variant, or armour similar to Sam-034’s armour etc.

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personally, I’m hoping we get whatever armor that Spartan Commander Agryna has as an armor core

look up leaked Halo infinite armor and you should find some silver armor with red visors

Don’t worry, we are in the battle pass of reach, 6 more Halos are coming and probably the Halo Wars, we will have armor for a long time and probably more content through DLCs.

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So far we know of Mk VI gen3, a dieselpunk core, and whatever Spartan Agryna has. They’ve all been spotted in the files, but when we get them is the question.

Seeing the return of some “legacy” armors such as a GEN 1 Mk V would be cool-just fix the boots please! Every iteration of Mk V since CE has been good, until you see the boots. Hell, give it the Mk V(B) boots and it’ll looks fine.
An SPI variant would be awesome! Could call it the “Ambrose” after Kurt 051, as a clever throwback. Modernize it for sure, but retain some of the original design.

Should Locke ever make an appearance, his armor needs to retain its Halo 5 design. Yeah I know the whole thing about Hyperious using his helmet as part of his armor-shoulder part, but its the future, micro manufacturing and 3D printing can come a long way. Modernize it with more grit and surface scratches, lighting and the whole kit, but retain his overall look!
Please don’t give him the space diaper. He has an iconic armor and an already established look.

Fracture events can have the more ostentatious designs, like a Roman Gladiator/Original Greek Spartan, or the Doom Slayer appearance. Maybe work with Bungie and get a Titan-inspired armor from Destiny. Or a cool Gundam inspired armor, just some cool, other zany ideas.

Just some of my ideas.