New Armor Ability Rush

Once you start the armor ability your guy goes into an third person view animation and puts his weapon on his back then sprints faster than regular sprint and tackles the spartan, elite, Promethean, jackal, or brute to the ground. Then a gauge comes up and who ever presses the button the most wins. If the one who tackled him wins he pulls out a knife and stabs him in the heart but if the one who got tackled wins he pulls out a knife and stabs him in the stomach which causes the spartan to fall to the ground then the guys who got tackled stabs him in the head

I dunno, your idea sounds overly complicated… Not to mention that, if Sprint and Thruster Pack return in future games, it would kind of make those obsolete as well. In the end, this seems like it’d just be a gimmick that would get old quickly, no offense intended.

Let’s keep Halo a bit more simple, shall we?

Sounds highly situational and easy to break.