new and old stuff for halo 6

I really hope that sidearm dual wielding will return for halo 6 I really wanna dual wield bolt shots I also want to see alternate firing mode for the following weapons: assault rifle, SMG, battle rifle, bolt shot, light rifle, binary rifle, incineration cannon. Plus for the bolt shot, light rifle, binary rifle and incineration cannon that would mean twice as much ammo and twice as many casualties for the created! That meansyou can keep using the incineration cannon if the battery is dead! Plus the return of the following weapons from the previous games: mauler, spiker, brute shot, gravity hammer, concussion rifle and flamethrower! So 343 if you’re reading this can you PLEASE do what’s been put in this topic!

Thanks a bunch!:sunglasses::nerd_face:

I’m sure you can use the existing wishlist threads for this kind of stuff. Why not head over to the H6 wishlists instead? Links in my signature.