New Alexandria Forge

I was thinking of how awesome it would be if they had a huge map of New Alexandria. They don’t even have to make it to wear we can forge a lot just having the city would be sweet. and wed be able to section off city block with barricades or covanent shields like on ODST, to make sweet maps. I might not even be making sense but you get my idea.

if you want extreme lag that’s fine but if you don’t then this is a bad idea

i can make one if forge world if u want.i can make building sky etc.but if you want extras like buildings having areas in them.elevators.landing pads etc. REPLY

If you want super FPS lag and just lag in general, then go ahead.

Go learn how to program, then we’ll talk. Creating something like this ain’t as easy as you think, this is just asking to much.

If 343 COULD do this though, it would talk a loooongggg time. I’m talking delaying the game for a month or two, especially with that elevators and what not that one guy wants.

Look up C++ or C#, that’s essentially how you build a game in your first stages. It’s pretty hard depending on the project.

It’s a great idea though, I’d want this. It’s just to hard to implement.