New AI potential in Splipspace engine?

I’m interested if the new engine would allow for more AI to be active at the same time or even if it would allow for smarter AI?

One of the things that has frusterated me about the Halo Games is how the AI would refuse to recognize certain entities. An example would be on tsavo high way, just after you had to dismount from your vehicle convoy at the broken bridge. If you were some what skilled you could get all the vehicles across the gap but the Marine AI would refuse to recognize the vehicles as valid objects to enter.

TLDR: will the AI be improved over past games?

I always felt like the AI was dumbed down in halo 4 and halo 5 to make room for better graphics. A new engine may not be a direct indicator of both high quality graphics and smart AI. We will see at launch of course.

I really hope Halo would finally get rid of idiotic friendly AI with their new engine. The amount that teammates jumped off the cliff in H5g was just ridiculous.