Hey, another map from me, this time it is a more fun custom game related build. If anyone is familiar with the DR. Tim’s Time Machine map, this is similar. I have made a special gametype for it, called (EXPLORE), and the map (PLANES OF EXISTENCE) is in my (CurledPumpkin39) file browser as well. So here is a little guide for how to make your way through the Planes of Existence:
Stage 1: Hell
The first level of the map (and from my tester’s experience the hardest) is set in a burning hell, hence the very obvious name. There are 3 items to find in this level, that need to be found in order to build the bridge to the next level. They are small skulls. One is straight forward, and the other two* require a process to spawn. The teleporter spawns on the tall rock in the very middle. Below are hints to finding each one (you’ll need them), and spoilers on how to get them if you guys are having a super tough time.
Hint 1: Climb around.

Go behind the initial spawning point to find a way up onto a rocky ledge. Follow that ledge all the way around the outside of the lava, Crouching were required, and you can see the skull on a large rock jutting out. read extra notes if you have trouble climbing. Hint 2*: Sacrifice, and behind.

Go to the structure to the right of the spawn area. There is a little alter with a body on it. Interact with that button and “blood” should pool around the neck, then go behind that building and the skull is resting on the smallest circular piece.Hint3*: Set the highest of them free.

Look up towards the middle (not super high) to find a man burning at the stake on a small mountain. Climbing the mountain starts towards the edge opposite spawn. When you get up there walk towards the flame and interact with the button (it’s possible). This skull will then spawn on the dark flat piece in the middle.Stage 2: Frozen
The frozen stage takes place on a high mountain. Heaven flies close above the peak. Be looking for other explorer’s who haven’t survive. Their suits are dark enough to stand out from the environment. The teleportation bridge forms from the second landing of the stairs.
Hint 1: You passed it.

At the start of the level, turn around.Hint 2: It’s hard to breath up here.

Go to the very top, bring a friend in case you run out of oxygen at the top. This man is resting on the uppermost ledge, you have to walk quickly to get up and reach him. Hint 3: You can still hear them chanting.

There is a small cave on the ground near the village at the base of the mountain. This cave is towards the edge of the map and blends in a little. Stage 3: Heaven
This stage is a little less searching and more checking. On each platform is a button and 3 lifts to another platform. the lifts work like streets (US) you can only go in the right side of the little divider. Pressing the button on the stage will allow you to go down one of the 3 paths. In the middle there is cube with 3 buttons, each button will only spawn when you have unlocked the correct pathway. The goal is to unlock every pathway (or press every button). You will be able to tell if you’ve won on the middle platform.

You will hear cheering. Sorry I would have done something cooler but I ran out of objects, and that was with me using the minimum each level to maintain the look and function.Extra Notes
- The gametype doesn’t allow you to jump, but you can still clamber and thrust. If you are having trouble going up a rock it can help to crouch when you are sliding up/down said rock, also you have to clamber in some places on the second stage.

  • It is possible to do everything you need to, it’s just a little hard sometimes, I’ve done it, testers have done it, you can do it too.
    -Bring friends, there is only one spawn and respawn point, but you can fit as many people in as you like I believe. You’ll need some help to do this map, and If you complete it alone, let me know! Because that’s crazy good!
    -Have fun, If you need help or don’t understand a hint/spoiler let me know in an xbox message CurledPumpkin39 (I probably won’t check this thread often enough to provide immediate help).