New addition please

I have been playing halo since combat evolved, and the one thing i have been wanting since the first epic game, is the ability to swap weapons with a team member, no weapons on the ground needed… will the function be available in halo 4? For example, i have a sniper, and my team member has shotgun, but each of us want the others weapon, we should be able to swap with each other and not have to go find a weapon laying on the ground.


sure why not have it. only makes sense to share ammo or switch weapons if you want.

I feel like it would interrupt gameplay too much, but if that was out of the equation, why not?

Maybe it could work in Campaign/Spartan Ops? When out of combat you can share ammo and weapons with your friends.

Maybe walk up to each other and hold the weapon pickup button? Doesn’t sound like it would interrupt it too badly, I would think it interrupts game play more if you have to find a weapon to pick up just to drop another weapon for your friend/teammate.

Sounds like a neat feature.