New Achievements

Will Halo 5 get any new achievements?

Why for what, no new content no new achievments. Just have to wait for DLCs.

Well the MCC got new achievements for a day one update. No new content? What do you call BTB and forge is coming here soon with more new content so yeah there is new content. Will be each month

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> Will Halo 5 get any new achievements?

I would also like to know this.
Does anyone know if Cartographer’s gift will add achievements?

Please no more achievements, unless they come with campaign DLC. I hate achievements that are luck based, which a lot of previous halo games had involving multiplayer. Halo 5’s achievements are good, and as of now, they are the only really thing the campaign has going for it until they “fix” it.

i really hope not, i had the original halo 3 achievements and i got so mad when the gave us more. i really hate multiplayer achievements as well.

DLC released, It looks like there is no new achievements yet.