New achievements not showing up?

I know that people have been in a bit of a beef with the new achievements for a few reasons, but for me, they don’t even show up! I keep checking daily, and on the Xbox it keeps saying that there is only 59 achievements when there should be three more? They aren’t even showing up! I’m in England by the way, in case that’s a problem or something?

same here and i can only see them if i compare games

Theres 10 new ones for a total of 69 achievments now. Do you have the new maps?

ya u need the anniversary map pack to get those achievments

i can see the acevments and when i do th erequiei dont get them for some reasionrments

OP is talking about the 3 new Defiant Achievements. I thought you would be able to get them without having the Anniversary maps too but unfortunately you have to have the Anniversary maps to get them. Not sure why they are called Defiant achievements to be honest.

I don’t have the maps… yet. But I should be able to see them though, shouldn’t I?

noo i wish i did i have the defaint and noble