New Achievement: Tank Doesn't Beat Everything

I want the Skull still.
Would be utterly hilarious to fire the Heatwave and see how it interacts with the explosive trait.

I’m actually genuinely curious what is going to happen to all the people that are currently carrying the tank gun, when the tank gun is patched. Will they just have no weapon, or will their save file be corrupted? I mean, if the only weapon they have is the tank gun, if 343 removes the tank gun, they have zero weapons. Are there even animations for having no weapons? I wonder if 343 is smart enough to give them an AR or something in exchange.

So make people who already got it (tank gun or not) have to get it again?

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In my opinion, there’s really no point in removing it at all. LASO is really not that hard when you think about it. Without the tank gun, all you need is thruster with active camo, spam that thruster, a rocket launcher or energy sword, and grenades. The bandana skull already makes it way easier than past Halos without the bandana skull. They might as well just leave it alone. But we can’t have fun in this game I guess.


This would make so much sense as a Title Update achievement

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That’s not a solution. It’s just monotonous.

People need to stop acting like finishing LASO with bandana and without iron is a challenge.
Rocket + Sniper + shock grenades. Rocket + sentinel beam + shock grenades.
[insert encounter + level skips here]

I’ve done 3 LASO runs one after the other when the campaign was fresh. The Tank Gun is not what makes this achievement easy.

Bandana does not even turn off any achievements at all. You could play on easy, get the skull and then blitzkrieg through legendary.

In response to the the edited post.

343i are not going to remove the achievement from anyone. Their solution is to let people know that if they want to take advantage of the Tank Gun for speed runs and Achievements they should do it before Season 2.

As for the “right way” argument. There really is no right way to earn LASO achievements since the community that created this challenge back in Halo 3 made it while taking advantage of countless bugs, glitches, and exploits. 343i has also never came out to say that these exploits invalidate the accomplishment of beating the LASO campaigns in MCC, Halo 5, or Infinite.
If anything 343i has made LASO easier than in the past by allowing co-op or allowing players to revert to last check point by backing out of the level before your death restarts the level when playing solo.

Refer to this link form December where the person who originally beat a Halo game on “LASO” and created the difficulty gives his 2 cents on the “right way” of beating this challenge in multiple replies. Just click “show more” on the bottom of the page.

As for the argument against adding the tank gun as a hard to get easter egg weapon because the grapple hook is easy to use. So? You can already use the grapple hook to skip 85% of encounters. As much as people underestimate how good the grapple hook is, you are overestimating the impact that the Tank Gun has on LASO.

Finally, when it comes to replay value. Removing the Tank Gun gives people less of a reason to replay the game. I have seen a countless amounts of people on Youtube comments and on this site who have went back to replay the campaign when they found out about this glitch.

I agree that 343i shot themselves in the foot with this announcement by ultimately pleasing nobody and removing more out of a game that is already bare. I just hope this ends up how Trand0 suggested.

I apricate your responses.

To fix broken code, in order to prevent further issues. I agree.

I hope they bring it back with fixed code instead of keeping it out.


This is a great idea btw.

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What about the people that did LASO legitly without the tank gun? How is that fair.

This is on 343 not the playerbase. 343 waited almost 6 months to patch the bug/glitch. If they were that concerned about LASO being tainted they should have disabled the achievement on day 2 or 3 until the bug was patched. To other points as well with bandana and iron it’s not really LASO.

I don’t think 343 will remove the achievements based on how they handled MCCs tainted LASOs. Many people in MCC obtained the LASOs (except for Reach) by doing one mission or watching a cutscene, 343 didn’t patch the bug until years later and didn’t take the achievements away. I did all of my LASOs legitly in MCC. You could make the same argument for people using the Mission 5 to 14 skip in Infinite. In my view that’s a bigger issue than the tank gun. At the end of the day the skips and the tank gun issues are on 343 and the community shouldn’t be stripped of these achievements because 343 wanted to wait 5-6 issues to patch them.


It better be a retroactive achievement I never used it till today


Making it harder to get doesn’t only mean putting it on top of a mountain somewhere. Think about H3’s IWHBYD skull. It’s simply found on the ground at the end of the level. How you make it appear there is the hard part (I’m aware it’s a one and done puzzle, but if it hadn’t been for hackers, it may have never been found).

343 could design the tank gun to only be unlocked after you beat Bassus on legendary without taking damage, or you have to beat Gbraakon, Foundation, and Outpost Tremonius in a certain amount of time on legendary. Heck the tank gun could BE the reward for beating LASO. But its accessibility doesn’t have to be limited to “grapple skills”.

This is the only reason players should care about the integrity of other’s LASO runs (or if some sort of cosmetic is attached to the achievement).

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To add onto this, remember the Halo 5 Weapon Pad Glitch?

343i kept that in the game and it was completely unintentional to add it. Me and my friends had so many laughs doing this, so it’s a shame that the newest version of the unintentional weapon glitch (Tank Gun) will be removed.


Yeah, but that’s not the same honestly. The weapon pad glitch would never effect any achievements, MMR, anything. It was entirely for forge and custom games.

It was crazy fun though!

They simply don’t want the tank gun in and as others have pointed out… The rockets make it a moot point anyway.

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Well hold on a second there. The weapon pad glitch effected custom multiplayer, so it could be used against players. It can also be used to improve your in-game stats if you want.

The Tank Gun only effects a single player experience and is completely up to the player on if they want to pick it up. If we’re on about it effecting achievements, then it’s too late since everyone who wanted those achievements have already gotten them. If anything, this will punish players who weren’t able to obtain the achievements, hence the ‘Tank doesn’t beat everything’ idea.

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Nobody really cares about custom game stats is the thing.

Now hold your horses, I haven’t!

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No offence, but if you haven’t gone for it yet, you aren’t super bothered about getting the achievement.
Removing the tank gun only makes it harder for new players to achieve it and is unfair.

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I’ve gone for it, just didn’t want the headache yet lol.

I mean… It IS LASO. It is supposed to be hard and especially for new players. If anything the tank cannon makes it unfair…? But like… You can always just pick up the rocket launcher after killing Tremonius, it’s about the same in damage tbh. Or just a Sniper Rifle, it’s not like you’re going to run out of ammo for these weapons with the Bandana skull on. So… Go nuts tbh.

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343 needs to see this! This is the best possible compromise!


Honestly same here. I started a LASO campaign a few months back and I think I’m still stuck on the first mission. I stopped trying after a while because I just kept accidentally killing myself with my own weapons. Also finals didn’t help matters.

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I’m a veteran of LASO and I struggled a bit on the first two missions. You really have to get your feet wet and the close quarters hallways don’t help. There’s a few small skips that help as well. All in all I didn’t have any missions done last Friday. I started on Saturday and had everything finished by sunday night. Once the first two missions are cleared I didn’t run into significant trouble until I fought the harbinger.

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Well IMHO the Tank is weak compared to older versions of Halo!

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