New account to play H5 Arena????

<mark>Do not create/use alternate accounts.</mark>

Alright look, I have been playing Halo since Halo 2. I really got into Halo 3 getting a 50 in all the playlist expect the one’s with cheaters like BTB or SB. Besides the point, WHY IN THE HOLY TRINITY DID 3FAIL3 need to put “two” ranking structures in a game? I literally have to make a new account just to play Arena… BTW this is that new account…Like is anyone else having to do this? Am I the only person in the whole halo community that literally had to make a new account just to play arena? Make a new account find games in seconds; can’t find one soul in arena on my actual account best thing I will face onyx in placement games. On my main account I’m an onyx and I don’t find none of these kids…Can we fix this please? I just want to play Slayer or Team Arena on one account.