Does anyone play? :smiley:

Never heard of it.

I played once on PC, for the “mission creator” thing. It was funny, but not enough to stay ^^

Saw it on the hub but never really wanted to download it

I played and maxed out a character when it first came out on xbox one, i haven’t picked it up since

Haven’t played this game yet I have to many to play already :,(


Got bored and stopped playing months ago… Should go back to it one day.

I have a few friends that play it. I haven’t gotten into it personally yet. Is it worth the pickup? I was kind of disappointed with ESO.

Not a fan, but to each their own

Tried it but the pay to win tore me off.

Oh here are treasure boxes that dropped from in-game mobs, want to open them? Get your credit card out.

I played it when it launched, I got heavily addicted to it. I maxed out a character and started a new one. Before I could max that one though… Elder Scrolls Online TU came out and that stole me from Neverwinter. Since then I haven’t touched it.

The constant frame rate drops or just all out frame freezes really tore me from the game.

It’s too pay-to-win for me.

I have a level 60 devoted cleric. Haven’t played in ages though. It just got tedious I suppose.