Nevermind, this game is polished to a mirror sheen

Nah for real. This game has issues but uh.

Have y’all tried Star Citizen?

I think I’ll take 10 200 ping matches in a row than trying to do… Literally anything in that game again any time soon.

I mean i feel like thats a bit of an unfair comparison considering the sheer scope of star citizen.

Although I do love the idea of piloting and customizing my own UNSC Pelican…

Trust me, after playing it - the scope is basically matched by like. Starbound, in terms of functionality.

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Yea as much crap as talk about Infinite, it definitely is one of the most satisfying FPS games to play currently. I feel like they nailed everything about this game mechanically, and that was clear even on that early launch day.

At least star citizen is willing to admit theyre still in beta…


They’re actually not in beta. They’re in Alpha.

Damn. I really thought they were past that.

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I think the biggest issue within Infinite, is that it probably runs very poorly on a lot of mid tier PC’s and on the XBO generation.

I’ve Ben playing it since launch on my series X, and I’m pretty sure I’m playing a different game than people with a lot of technical complaints i read about lol

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