Never Tell Me The Odds - The Maw legendary

Can anyone help me with this achievement?

I hate the hog on this game and seem to drive it very poorly compared to the other games in the series.

Any help would be appreciated as it’s my final achievement.

I’m on now and will be on for a bit and after 8pm CT most nights

GT: Dorwrath

Thank you

I just unlocked this one this morning. I know how you feel, the hog is all over the place lol. Would like to help but I only have a silver account. =/ I guess the only thing I can do is offer advice; be persistent and know your route. If you go astray or roll it’s best to revert to your last checkpoint and give it another crack. It took me about an hour but I ended up doing it with the minute and about an extra 13 seconds on the clock.

Good luck!

Try looking on internet that’s how I did it took me about 8 try’s with about 1.10 left on the clock.

Look up a guide on youtube though i’ll do my best to explain. I am not very good at but this how i did it.

First, look at the group of Warthogs in front of you. Take the one farthest to the right because not only is it the closest one, there is a hidden med pack on the wall near the Warthog to heal any damage you sustained (and you will most likely be wounded at this point). You’ll need this.

Reminder: The Covies at the start of the run can randomly kill you through FRGs or Plasma Grenades. In the event they keep killing you, don’t give up and try your best to avoid those two dangers. I died a TON before i got this achievement thanks to them.

Next you want to memorize the routes that take up less time. For starts, that would be the right route at the beginning past the Covies running away and then you get to a section where there’s a ramp in the middle, leading to more platforms, stick to that route.

That section with a ton of power sliding? Yeah start that part by going down the little tunnel (first thing you should see when you enter the big room). This should launch you up into a pillar (where you will crash, which is good so it lets you get ready for the next part).

Then after that,just keep the foot on the gas and try not crashing while power turning. Exaggerate the motions on the left thumbstick to tilt the camera in the turn you want to turn and the Warthog will do the sharpest turns you’ll ever see in Halo.

Also when you are in the corridor tunnels, keep an eye on the sides (first corridor short cut is on left, after the pelican is shot down it’s on the right) and go through these narrow passage ways, these save you so much time it’s not even funny and is essential to getting this achievement. Look for explosions near the walls in these segments, it’s a subtle way of saying “shortcut!” if you are having trouble finding them.

For that epic jump you can’t make. Try to keep your warthog straight and hold back for a second or two, then let physics do the rest. I usually land this way perfectly but it’s often random :confused:

For the final stretch, kill anything that moves and don’t ignore the enemies shooting you at. You want to kill them while moving if possible.

Extras: Try avoiding anything that eats up time. There are several tunnel ramps that will do this to you and if you can avoid them. Once you memorized everything, you’ll get this achievement.

I agree with everything that ‘A Critical H1T’ has posted with the exception of the point about the final stretch. When you get to the end (where you can see the longsword) don’t stop to engage the enemies. You’ll notice that they are all in a corridor of barricades that are separated by small gaps, simply duck out through the first of these gaps and run up the side then back in just before the stairs. You’ll avoid damage and get there more quickly then if you try to fight your way through.

check out youtube! I found some helpful videos. Then just keep playing it over and over and u get used to everything…

ill help you out. i need to do this as well. just send me a msg via xbox live my gamertag is the same as my username.

From what i recall playing this on the original, i used to bring rockets so i could launch the warthog over the barrels at the end, thereby saving a few seconds. Also, the one thing that probably helps the most is practice so just keep working on improving and you’ll get it. Also some side tunnels can be used as shortcuts once you feel confident enough to use them.

The biggest tip i can give is remember , middle , left , left , middle .
first go down the middle , then on the next section go down the left walkway , then again
go down the left walkway , then down the middle .
The worthog is a pain to keep straight on the walkway’s , practise .
Oh and find the 2 shortcut tunnels 1st on the left 2nd on the right ,remember these and you will be fine .

  1. Learn how to control the Hog
  2. take the shortcuts
  3. Revert to last checkpoint, rinse and repeat.