Never had so much fun on BTB

Having played Halo since HaloCE all those years ago, I can honestly say big team battle is more fun than it’s ever been.

I always used to avoid BTB because once a team managed to dominate the power weapon and vehicle spawns it was all over. I enjoy the chaos of the new system.

Vehicles are also much less difficult to take down. It used to be a case of which team got the most vehicle time.

Sure, the DMR rules this game type, but I never played a FPS where people didn’t whine about OP weapons. Halo CE it was the pistol. Halo 2 was the plasma pistol BR combo. Halo 3 was the brute shotgun thingy/melee insta kill. Rainbow six was the Car15. Cod 3 was the auto sniper rifle BAR. Cod 4 was the auto sniper rifle m16. Cod 5 was the tommy gun. Cod 6 MW2 was the ak74 and the dual weild 1870 shotgun and no scoping. Got bored during black ops so stopped playing CODs.

Anyway, I’m loving BTB on H4

Great post, BTB on Halo 4 is almost as good as Halo 3, all it needs is some objective gamtypes thrown in like in the Crimson playlist and then it’ll be near perfect. All my best matches have been in this playlist, it’s popular for a reason.

I like every playlist except infinity slayer. Oddball and BTB are a blast even when I loose.
Even the trash talkers that threaten me with kills can’t help at laughing with the great style kills I have gotten.
I still love the quad splatter I got from a destroyed warthog rolling down a hill. Warthog was empty and I lazared across the level at a guy near it.
This game is the greatest as long as you stay out of basic slayer. Lol