Never got infinite tech test email

Literally everyone was saying they weren’t getting notifications on Waypoint, just getting emails when they got invited to the technical test. I was checking my email constantly, super disappointed to not get an invite. I just logged into waypoint and what do I see? Notifications that I got into the technical test :frowning: I still never got an email.

Submit a support ticket and let them know even though it’s over now. Better luck next time.

Like everyone including myself have been saying, do not rely on checking your email for Insider invites abd instructions, trust the Halo Waypoint site on the day of the flight instead. Sorry to hear you missed the flight tho.

Same thing here. I was super concerned about it 'cause maybe it could be a error and have problems with 343i for an unathorized use of game. Though, they let me play and I’m happy about it, but yes, summit a ticket could help for the next time.