Never gonna be good. How do i enjoy halo?

Im not talking competitive good.
Can’t even have fun if i lose every fight.

Pre nade, spray and meele still lose.
Sometimes takes 3 punches to kill.

Headshots in swat or with snipers make sound but not registering

Sometimes get this pull/ anti aim assist effect.

Last 3/4 of enemy clips become fire hoses and empty instantly.

Upgraded to gig speed internet and still have ping/ desync.

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I enjoy playing with friends, but there is a skill gap between most friends. Teaming up puts us in a lobby with highest ranked player. Lowest skill friends get destroyed and have no fun, highest ranked friends can’t depend on team and get destroyed. Compound this with latency and desync and nobody is having fun. I’ve never been shot behind cover or around a corner more often than in Halo Infinite. I love Halo, but Infinite is difficult to enjoy.

Halo Infinite wasn’t designed with fun in mind, sadly.

I play against bots. They’re really easy.

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