Never Game Alone Again!

BHL Gaming one of the world’s largest gaming communities is ushering in a new console generation and we want YOU to help us achieve that!

What is BHL?

BHL is more than just a Gaming Clan. We are a Community of like minded Gamers looking to improve the Online gaming experience through Teamwork and Collaboration. WE ARE one of the largest gaming communities in the WORLD, but our success is measured one member at a time. OUR community is dedicated to all of its members and every member has a voice. We believe that each BHL member is a Leader – from the rookie member hosting a game lobby to the BHL Management Team. Each member has an opportunity for advancement, and the opportunity to create a better community for all members

We are dedicated and focused on all things gaming! Old School or New School, Core or Hardcore, Campaign or Multiplayer, Professional or Just for fun: HOW you play is up to you! BHL gives you a fun platform to find players with the same gaming style as yours. It’s High Octane Social Networking for Gamers! Looking to become a Professional Gamer or turn gaming into a career? We can help you get started! Just looking for a fun group of players to game with? We’ve got you covered!

We have been around for over 5 years with nearly 100,000 registered members and growing and we are sponsored by Evil Controllers. We are also a part of Machinima Youtube which our channel has over 38,000 subscribers! We help you play your best, Rank up in the fastest and most efficient way, Unlock in-game items quicker and most of all, Work as a team and have fun!

Why Join BHL?

When you join BHL you have access to weekly events including “Midweek Mayhem” which is a weekly event where you will play a determined FFA or Team game which consist of fun class setups! Then there is “Throwback Thursday” which consist of classic Call Of Duty games and fun FFA or Team based games with crazy class setups! And then there is the 2 times a month “Evil Controllers Event” in which is a 3 day FFA Tournament in which the winner gets a shiny new Evil Controller! Handy with a digital paintbrush? We have weekly “Signature of the Week” event in which a theme is picked and then you can put your Photoshop skills to the test and win a profile prize!

All these events also add up to a Seasonal Leaderboard in which the top player on the Leaderboard will receive a BHL Jersey from RAZA! Earn awards to show off in your own BHL personal profile and signature! Play all the hottest (and classic) multiplayer games as a party through 5 different platforms! We also have a Sniper team, YouTube team, Graphics Team and News Team!

We bring meaning to the term “Organized Gaming”!

We are also a community of cool people from all walks of life! We are not jerks, We don’t believe in drama and even though we are a really large community we are all family here!

Jerks and trolls need not apply!

So I joined BHL now what?

Well you can use our website’s Shoutbox to meet and greet our fellow members and staff since by signing up you are a full fledged member of BHL but wait, There’s more! Unlike other gaming clans and communities out there where they have a boring military rank system or worst of all no rank, You can earn the ranks of Certified, Elite, Hardcore and Pro! The way you do that is you play with an approved BHL Captain and earn a review!

What is a review?

A review is when you play with a BHL staff member for the purpose of seeing if you can play to the standards of our awesome community! You might be thinking “oh gee I’m gonna have to deal with the pressure of playing with someone who is watching and judging my behavior” but no, it is nothing like that! Reviews are fun! They are a great way to rank up on the site and get antiquated with your fellow members! We don’t care about K/D or how good you are, if you are willing to play the objective, try your best, give call outs, not rage and have FUN notice the caps you will earn a review and rank up on the site! You might be thinking “why would I need to rank up?” well guess what, you will love ranking up, trust me! Also ranking up on BHL lets you use some pretty cool site features one of them being the ability to use your own Shoutbox Banner!

Help us shape the future of BHL

We are gonna celebrate the new console generation with a BANG! Let’s work as a team and rank up on the Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Playstation 4, Playstation 3 with the newest titles like GTA5, COD:Ghosts, Battlefield 4, Titanfall, Forza Motorsport 5 and Help us reach the top of the leaderboards in game score and score per min! You will be the envy of your friends when they see how high of a level you are in such a quick amount of time and watch your K/D and W/L ratios skyrocket!

So why are you still reading this, JOIN BHL GAMING TODAY!!!

Clinton - Event Management Team
Please remember to leave my name as a referral - Clinton

You know i would join but apparently someone with my gamertag is already in your group which i find funny because ive never been part of a clan